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A woman who takes pride in being a Filipino, comfortable in her own brown skin and the dark loose waves of her hair.

_Nico is a writer born in Manila, Philippines and currently based in New York.

Her thought is mostly in wander, in the deep seat silence of solitude; whether there is something in her mind that she wanted to be sailed away… or she is just in being.

She thinks she expresses more with written words.

Now, she finally brought her restless mind at night into this pursuit of curiosity and more personal discovery of the realm of what she calls ‘the magic and wonder of the universe’.

These are her letters of love, courage and curiosity to the only woman she knows very well and all other women (those who came before her and here with us today) who have been wildly braver in interacting with their curiosities and the uncertainties of the universe.

In this deliberate and conscious journey, she created this space: to share braver experiences, to ask some difficult questions [and tries to answer] and to give back as much as who she has become in different shapes and forms.

These things are for the Woman who hopes and believes in the promises of her dreams, who wants to be braver, disrupt the status quo or just be. For the Woman who is enough to make this world a better place to live.


_on a more technical note, aside from her huge leaning on storytelling, she has been digging as of late into creativity, design, business and innovation and its possible intersections with personal creative work. She would like women to wild and brave with these tools to re-create their present and design a future they want for themselves and for the kind of community they want to build.