A Black Saturday Special

There was an elderly couple who took the jeepney I was into. My wild guess is that they are around 70ish. The lady came in first. It was hard not to notice that she was having a difficult time getting inside. I held her hand as she tries to step in. She was wearing a floral  pencil cut skirt, with color orange dominating the fabric and a plain button down mint green blouse. She has a peach purse on her right shoulder. Surprisingly, her short hair appears to be generally black. She was sophistication personified.

Lola seated across mine at the middle section. The lady looked snob and just stared outside the window the whole time.

Soon after, lolo came in. The steps of  the jeepney seemed to challenge his knees too worse than lola. His back is arched that brings down a couple of inches from his height. Lolo was dressed to the nines too. He was wearing a mint green button down polo coupled with chocolate brown well-pressed silk pants and brown leather shoes that is one shade lighter. He seated beside me because there was no room at the other side where his wife was seated. The moment lolo was already settled, the familiar scent (that specific scent the elderly male usually wears) of his pomade played a trick under my nose. I just love that scent, I don't know even know why. And the trick actually worked. I slowly began to observe lolo.

I had the best vantage point because he was just beside me, I care to notice that his hair is all white, neatly combed and brushed up to the back. There were a lot of lines at the corner and under his eyes, sides of his mouth and a few on the forehead. Brown spots are all over his face. He has a deep set eyes and good pointed nose. His lips, small and just right. This gentleman sitting next to me was such a debonair! It is always such a delight to see elderly males who dress up (with their polished leather shoes on) whenever they go out. And for the next 10 minutes, I think I was crushing over at lolo! =) (The pomade really worked wonders! =) It was a breath of fresh air from those young men who actually splash the whole bottle of perfume when they go out! Haha)

I think lola sensed me and my infatuation, haha. She took a quick glimpse of lolo. The look of love, I believe. True enough, when two passengers left, lolo immediately shifted beside his lady.  And then they began talking in very fine sounds.

On that occasion, for the first time; I saw lola smiling and giggling as she hears stories from lolo. Lolo was just in eye contact with lola as he narrates something. He motioned his left hand to give the twenty pesos to lola. Lola, using her left hand, received the money and handed it over to the driver. (See now, lolo pays for the fare! I think from crush, I now love lolo!❤️) Finally, I saw their rings touch against each other!  (#hindilangsaEDSAmayforeverpatisajeepmerondin) =)

Turned out that #black (Saturday) can be a color of love too! =)

The demonstration of love in unexpected circumstances.

Nico Dizon