Avellana Art Galley (Manila. Philippines)

I was checking my Instagram when I came across an account that posted a photo of ceramic plates suspended on the wall. I googled the place and the week after I found myself in 2680 F.B. Harrison in Manila.

This is post is a part of my humble pet project called #RevisitMNLProject. The goal  is to look and gather the best kept secrets of Manila. The Philippine capital does not look like some 20 or 50 years ago. It does not get better either. This is really challenging, but being a true blooded Manileña, how I longed for the resurrection of this historical city by converging its hidden treasures (hopefully it will be more than a handful) and bring back Manila to its full grandeur by attracting more people to care for this neglected city.

I was ecstatic that there is actually an art gallery that is not housed inside a huge museum.

I tag along a friend during the visit. The place is nestled along the typical busy Manila corridor. It is a compound with a handful of two-storey houses typical of 1950s architecture of Old Manila.

Entrance towards the compound

Entrance towards the compound

We were welcomed a security men in black suit. They were courteous enough to let our cab get inside the compound. I learned that some of the houses near the front yard were converted into hotels. There is a small pool on the right side. Moving further down, was I think a restaurant and the reception called The Henry. 

Catching the eye was a white 1950s model of Mercedes Benz with another old school Vespa scooter in olive green.


We then asked the security on where is the art gallery located. It is situated at the back of the lawn on the right side.


Unlike the house hotels in front that were newly painted, the art gallery feels more homey and cozy. It has the typical old house high ceilings and huge windows.


Sir Yoy, the gallery manager gladly ushered us inside. He said that the gallery is run by Mr. Albert Avellana who also holds office inside. Further, he mentioned that they feature different artists every two months. At the time of our visit, they mainly have paintings and sculptures of different media.


Avellana art gallery gives a certain charm that keeps you coming back.

Nico Dizon