To The Dreamer Who Is A Woman

It seemed easy in the daydream or even like a breeze at night when you are there in solitude. But when the sun rises across the horizon and you feel your femininity sets in, the dream suddenly dissolved with the moon and the stars.

Yesterday, you knew you can do it, you can do that or even those, but today was different. Because you think your vulnerability gets in the way… that your heart of a woman rains even on your own parade.

A woman together with her dreams is a future worth fighting for. The archetype of a woman; (with your breasts, your vagina, the softness of your arms and thighs-or what not), your encompassing intelligence, your nurturing heart and vulnerability can shape a world humanity desires to live in.

If you are reading this my dear woman, hold on to that dream but please not too long. Someone needs that built and created between now and tomorrow.

Fight and finish strong!

Rooting for you!

Nico Dizon